Memorial Furniture Tell Their Story Why Choose American Recycled Plastic

More than a Bench

At American Recycled Plastic we understand that creating a Custom Memorial Bench is more about telling a story than it is the type of bench that is created. We want to combine the same type of quality and durability and expression that your loved one carried with the creation of the furniture chosen as a memoir.

What made your loved one special?

Were they a veteran? Passionate dog lover and rescue volunteer? Beloved mother to 5 children? Avid member of their local garden club? Top bowler in their local league?

Each time we lose a loved one, we often lose their story – why they were here, and how they made the world a better place.

Our benches can tell their story to the world for years and years to come. Our custom plaques can fit large amounts of text and we can even include their photo too! 

Memorial Bench FAQs

Where Can I Place a Memorial Tribute Bench?

Our benches can be placed in most conventional areas, privately or publicly, where you have authorization/permission to place them.

Ideal places for our benches include:
* City, County, State Parks
* Trails & Parks
* Nature Centers
* Community Centers
* Alumni Groups
* Service Organizations
* Schools & Churches
* Outdoor Corporate Areas

For other suggestions, you can call us directly at 865-738-3439.
Visit our Easy as 1,2,3 page here!

Memorial Bench FAQs

How Do I Create a Custom Memorial Bench?

Our Custom Donor Bench Program is excellent for organizations, city planners, recreation areas and more. We offer excellent consultation on how to set up a Donor Bench program and then offer the finest outdoor benches in the industry. Contact us about how we can help you get started.

Thank you for your interest in our Custom Bench program! It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Call us at 865-738-3439.

2. Select your customization:

a) The organization can specify, in advance, the specific customization (to provide a uniform look)  – or –

b) The donor can choose.  Choices are: Style, Color, Size, Customization type (Engraved letters, routed plaques, or our new photo plaque).

3. Buy the bench*

a) The organization can collect the funds from the donor, then purchase the items directly from American Recycled Plastic using their tax exempt status (if applicable). Benches can be ordered one at a time as needed, or bought in bulk to receive price discounts.  – or –

b) The donor can contact American Recycled Plastic directly to purchase their bench or picnic table.

After the bench has been purchased, The organization can designate a person to act as the Program Coordinator to handle receipt of the item & its assembly, placement and (optional) permanent installation or the item can be shipped directly to the donor or their representative, and they can handle the assembly/install process.

Call us at 865-738-3439 or see the full page at

Donor Bench Program
Why Choose American Recycled Plastic

Outdoor Furniture | American Recycled Plastic

Our family business will treat your bench, picnic table or sheeting order as if it’s our own. We work hard to complete your projects on time & within budget. We offer commercial, government & residential clients personalized, caring service you just won’t find at large corporations today – Guaranteed!

Our Customer Service:

We understand that caring for our customers starts with a quality product. That’s why our memorial benches are made with 100% recycled plastic that is long-lasting and eco-friendly! We’re dedicated to delivering the highest-quality outdoor furniture possible, without the harmful effects that wood or single-use plastic/resins have on our environment.

We offer the most customer-focused program in the industry and have years of experience working with organizations, its members, and the general public.

Choose Your Bench from a large variety:

Choose from a large variety of bench styles. We can create over 28 styles of back benches that come in a wide variety of colors. If a backless bench is what you are considering we have a large selection of those also.

Custom Memorial Bench by American Recycled Plastic

American Recycled Plastic is located in East Tennessee. We create custom benches for customers throughout the Southeastern United States and really the Nation. We have a show room in the Smoky Mountains that is open by appointment Mondays through Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm. We welcome the opportunity to show you the quality products available. People often compare our items to products they see at a store like Timber Valley Rustic Furniture, located on Wears Valley Road. Although it is true we sell Adirondack chairs, benches and outdoor furniture, we would like the opportunity to show you why people choose American Recycled Plastic for quality and service. Our benches come with a guarantee and warranty that will give you confidence in your creation. It is our joy to work with families as they create their tribute. Excellent customer service is at the forefront of what we do. We look forward to speaking with you about your custom memorial bench. You may contact us via email at

We’re happy to prepare a no-obligation quote for you.  Contact us today!

Memorial Furniture Why Choose American Recycled Plastic

How to Create a Memorial Bench

If you are looking for a truly unique way to memorialize a loved one, our hand crafted memorial benches are he an excellent choice. Memorial Benches have become a popular tribute to loved ones. Engraved garden benches, or benches with plaques that are placed in a setting of importance can be a lasting way to memorialize your loved one. American Recycled Plastic offers a variety of memorial benches for your choosing and each is custom made for you. We want each bench each bench to be a work of art which is as unique and beautiful as the life it has been created to represent.

Choose from: Engraved, Color Fill Engraved, Plaque or Photo Plaque Benches.

Custom Engraved Memorial Bench

We have a three step system that allows for custom choices for your bench. First we will choose your style. Style, color and size will be considered. Secondly we will decide on the type of customization you want to use. We offer bench plaques, photo bench plaques, engraved benches and color fill engraved benches.

Our showroom is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and we are happy to schedule a private appointment if needed for you to complete your order. Once you see the quality of the benches we produce we will help you make the choices that personalize it for your special tribute.

American Recycled Plastic has been a leader in the furniture industry for over 25 years. Our benches come with a warranty and are nearly completely maintenance free. Season after season, your beautiful bench will remain a wonderful tribute to your loved one.

Contact us today at with your questions. We have worked with friends across the nation to provide custom benches and look forward to working with you on your ideas.