Memorial Bench FAQs

Why Should I Choose American Recycled Plastic For My Bench?

With over 51 years combined experience in the plastic lumber industry, we are one of the pioneers in recycled plastic since its inception in the US in the late 1980’s. Our company’s growth, from its small regional beginning in Florida to the national industry leader we are today, is due to the terrific people that we get to work with every day — our customers.

We help commercial, government & residential customers get the most value for their outdoor furniture needs, so they spend more time enjoying their recycled plastic furniture than they do maintaining it!

American Recycled Plastic is a Leader in the Industry.

Learn more about us by calling us at 865-738-3439 or visit our main website at

My Memorial Bench is dedicated to those who are seeking to create a special tribute for a loved one. We work with families who create benches for pets, family members, community members and more. Talk with us.

Memorial Bench FAQs

Where Can I Place a Memorial Tribute Bench?

Our benches can be placed in most conventional areas, privately or publicly, where you have authorization/permission to place them.

Ideal places for our benches include:
* City, County, State Parks
* Trails & Parks
* Nature Centers
* Community Centers
* Alumni Groups
* Service Organizations
* Schools & Churches
* Outdoor Corporate Areas

For other suggestions, you can call us directly at 865-738-3439.
Visit our Easy as 1,2,3 page here!

Memorial Bench FAQs

How Do I Create a Custom Memorial Bench?

Our Custom Donor Bench Program is excellent for organizations, city planners, recreation areas and more. We offer excellent consultation on how to set up a Donor Bench program and then offer the finest outdoor benches in the industry. Contact us about how we can help you get started.

Thank you for your interest in our Custom Bench program! It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Call us at 865-738-3439.

2. Select your customization:

a) The organization can specify, in advance, the specific customization (to provide a uniform look)  – or –

b) The donor can choose.  Choices are: Style, Color, Size, Customization type (Engraved letters, routed plaques, or our new photo plaque).

3. Buy the bench*

a) The organization can collect the funds from the donor, then purchase the items directly from American Recycled Plastic using their tax exempt status (if applicable). Benches can be ordered one at a time as needed, or bought in bulk to receive price discounts.  – or –

b) The donor can contact American Recycled Plastic directly to purchase their bench or picnic table.

After the bench has been purchased, The organization can designate a person to act as the Program Coordinator to handle receipt of the item & its assembly, placement and (optional) permanent installation or the item can be shipped directly to the donor or their representative, and they can handle the assembly/install process.

Call us at 865-738-3439 or see the full page at

Donor Bench Program
Memorial Bench FAQs

What types of customization are used for Memorial furniture?

At American Recycled Plastic we offer 4 types of customization for your bench or rocker, or whatever type of furniture you may choose. As a family business since 1998, we understand the importance of recognizing your loved one in the most beautiful way. We will help you make choices that you are pleased with and are durable and lasting.

The four types of customization we offer are:
Engraved, Color-fill Engraved, Plaques and Photo Plaques.

My Memorial Bench is a a part of American Recycled Plastic. We are a family business who offers excellent service along with products you can count on and trust. Durability and beauty can absolutely be combined for a tribute bench you are proud to display.

Our Mission

We understand that caring for our customers starts with a quality product. That’s why our outdoor furniture is made with 100% recycled plastic that is long-lasting and eco-friendly! We’re dedicated to delivering the highest-quality outdoor furniture possible, without the harmful effects that wood or single-use plastic/resins have on our environment.

Memorial Bench FAQs

What is the first step to create a memorial bench?

In the past few decades, tributes to loved ones have expanded beyond a cemetery head stone or grave marker. One very popular choice is to create a Memorial Bench or piece of furniture that can then be placed and enjoyed by many others as time goes on.

American Recycled Plastic works one on one with you and your family to complete your wishes for your tribute piece. We begin by choosing your bench style, size and color. You can customize in one of 4 ways through engraving in the bench, color fill engraving in the bench, or by adding a plaque or photo plaque.

Let us walk you through each step as we create a unique, one of a kind memorial tribute to your special loved one.

American Recycled Plastic

Memorial Bench