Why Choose American Recycled Plastic

Choose American Recycled Plastic

Find many opportunities at American Recycled Plastic when you begin your bench search. Compare our custom memorial benches to those seen in Wayfair, Etsy and Amazon. Belson and The Bench Factory are also well known in the memorial bench industry and are leaders in the market. American Recycled Plastic has the same or upgraded products available as through these leaders in the memorial bench industry.

The Quality of our Product:

Choose American Recycled Plastic for the quality of our products. Expect excellent service from our team. Our products come with warranty and are made to order according to the choices you make in style, color and personalization . Every consideration is made to making this tribute bench everything you hope it to be.

Our Benches are made to order. Choose your bench style, color and the type of customization you want to use on the bench. Do you want to use a photograph? Our team can create a plaque from your special photograph.

Visit our Showroom. We welcome you to visit Mondays through Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm, by appointment. Talk with us about how we can make the experience of creating your bench a very positive one.