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A Proud Irishman

Here’s a large photo plaque we recently did. The family wanted it to convey who he was – a proud Irishman, devoted to his family & friends, a passionate golfer who had a great golf story they wanted people to remember.

Our Memorial benches are a personalized, eco-friendly, USA-made way to tell your loved one’s story.Each time we lose a loved one, we often lose their story – why they were here, and how they made the world a better place.

Our benches can tell their story to the world for years and years to come. Our custom plaques can fit large amounts of text and we can even include their photo too!

Contact us today and let us help you share their story.
Those are great stories that the family told in just one plaque. Everyone that knew and loved him can sit on his bench and remember him with a smile, for years and years to come.

Tell Their Story